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January 13, 2012

10:00 a.m.

I have an application on my phone called Skyclock. It gives me the twilight periods on each end of the day. Karl and I wanted to know this so we'd be able to plan project/no project after work on any given day. We're still on our "ignore daylight savings" work schedule. We leave for work at 6am and leave for home at 3:30. Nice in the second half of the day, but the morning requires pre-planning. Anyway, for anyone's information, sunrise was at 7:15 this morning, and Civil Twilight begins at 4:42pm -- about two minutes later than it was early this week.

Within the month we'll revert back to leaving at 7 for work, which means that I can stay up maybe half an hour later and possibly see my boyfriend after he gets home from work. Won't that be nice.

This morning it was foggy and raining! We still haven't had any snow accumulation since Hallowe'en. Today there is a severe wind advisory in effect. After all the recent difficulty with the well pump house, and finally fixing that and having running water again, I certainly hope we retain our electricity. There is some snow predicted for a week from tomorrow but the temps have been often above freezing during the day, 40s even, and all predicted snow has so far been rain. This is highly unusual for Connecticut. I'm happy, though. It makes wood gathering a lot easier.

We do have to plant grass seed in the back this Spring, though. It's awash with mud where we've cleared masses of autumn olive, forsythia and bittersweet! But in the end I'll have a narrow little back yard. Very happy.

Happy. I'm happy in my life. My former bandmates came over for dinner last weekend. It was the first time I'd seen them since early June. It was lovely and jovial, and they got to meet Mike for the first time, and the house was warm. Since then I've had a few more "travel flashbacks," but they haven't been as anxious as before. Really, the greatest of my woes is that my skin keeps breaking out around my eyes -- I'm assuming it's eczema, what I had on my hands for so long -- and nothing seems to be helping, be it a topical, emotional or mental strategy. I ended up being right about my hands. Once I stopped touring they became 90% better. I wonder what I have to quit doing to get my face to clear up?

One thing I've adjusted in the last week is my diet, which got lazy and junk-filled over the holidays. That sugar thing. I've eaten only healthy food for a week -- with the exception of one, tiny, Weight W@tchers ice cream sandwich -- and I do feel a lot less polluted. I could still use a little exercise.

My car is getting another engine, and I've been driving Karl's 1985 Mercedes for a week or so. It smelled horribly of mouse pee, but I've pretty much eradicated that. I'm really grateful I have a loaner, but it will be a happy day when I get my Toaster back again.

Rushing now... break is over and I oughta get back to work. So much more to say. Who has time to be poetic? Back to purchasing resistors and microprocessors. Life is still good.


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